Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Psychic or Psycho?

(Cross posted from -- original post: July 21, 2008)

While in Estes Park this weekend, I consulted a psychic. There are those who equate this with devil worship however, I've done this before and it is at worst amusing. Last time I was told I would be working from home with bags of money at my feet. I am looking around and I must have spent it all at Nordstrom's.
This time I was told about my broken heart and the anger that is interfering with me finding love. I was advised to get this rage out of my system by finding a handsome lover for some angry sex. Start dating again and go to hotel bars alone was the advice I was given. I guess for those who have a sex drive, this might seem sensible. I guess to most in their thirties, sex is important and gives a sense of whole-ness. That is, unless you are a married mother and primary wage earner. My friends in this situation assure me that dental work rates higher than a romp any day.

So I had a good laugh about the advice. It is the type of simple solution Catholic Priests once gave every couple for whatever issues arose, "Have more kids!" I guess by the time the couples realized the solution was not solving anything, they were more focused on their financial woes than the other problems they had previously.

I finally asked the psychic what my future holds in terms of my health. She looked me over quizzically and I said that I had been diagnosed with cancer. She said that she could not smell death on me and that I have the situation well under control.

Clearly her powers are real and her advice sound so ... angry sex anyone?

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  1. My friends and I will go for a reading once a year......never yet have I been told anything that has is good entertainment though.......:-) Hugs