Tuesday, April 13, 2010


(Cross posted from Coffee and Chemo -- original post: September 10, 2009)

Last week, one of my children (Child A), wanted me to move a little faster.

"Come on 'Baldilocks!!'" nudged Child A, spontaneously creating this new appellation.

I might have gotten annoyed, but the nickname was so funny, I burst out laughing!

I immediate asked if I could post it. This was too good not to share.

Child A only agreed if I promised not to reveal said child's identity. Done.

A few days later, I shared this story with another of my children (Child B), who also burst out laughing.

Today, Child B called out to me, "bye Baldilocks!"

Child A overheard and immediately claimed ownership of the clever phrase, "Hey, I made that up!!"


  1. Out of the mouths of babes, true words of endearment.......:-) Hugs

  2. Oh, my kids would think that was a hilarious nickname! So far they haven't given me one (maybe they think it would hurt my feelings). But they are not shy to say, "Mom, put on a hat or something" when one of their friends might be stopping by, lol.

  3. How cute. Kids do say the funniest things!

  4. I'm so glad they can laugh about something that could just as easily make them cry. I am happy you could laugh with them.

  5. Bernie -- so true. I could never have come up with that!

    Teresa Ann -- I have no idea how the nickname popped into my kid's head! But we all certainly appreciated it! (and had a good laugh!!)

    my kids also ask that I make sure to cover my head when people come over.

    Christine -- they sure do! (if you think the nickname is cute, you should see my kids!)

    Mindy -- I am trying to learn to laugh more. I have always been so serious... I am finally beginning to learn that very few things matter all that much. What's more, I am beginning to understand that even things that matter can be approached with humor.

    May we all merit much laughter and joy!