Wednesday, October 20, 2010

RivkA's Message - Coping With Adversity

RivkA, from Coffee and Chemo,
 has been receiving more radiation and is currently hospitalized. 
On her October 6 blog, she lists her symptoms. 
Some of you can relate to her misery.

1.Lip still numb

2.Rt. Foot still swollen and sore

3.Still Balding from radiation.

4.Hands and Feet still red and peeling

5.Still bruise fast and heal slowly.

6.Still have severe back pain.

7.Still have hip pain and muscular pain.

8.Still have issues with constipation and stomach cramps

9.Still have low appetite and nausea

10.Still feel tired and weak.

But, you also know this about RivkA,
she loves to face whatever life brings
with love and optimism.

While in the hospital,
RivkA had a friend post a series of
videos from a motivational message she recently gave.
Her heart is still to encourage others
as they each face their own trials.

Follow the link to watch-

Her confidence and calmness is contagious.
May her words help you face your trials
with love and optimism.

(posted by Momma Mindy)


  1. Praying, praying, praying for dear RivkA! Thank you for posting this, Mindy! <3

    Prayers for all~ Andrea

  2. I am feeling sad tonight knowing RivkA is in hospital and not doing so well. I love that you are taking her positive message and encouraging others to do the same.
    Be well my friend.....:-0 Hugs